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Dealing with the death of a loved one is never easy, but it can be even harder when it feels impossible to talk about the emotional or practical issues that accompany such a loss. Working through grief, arranging final affairs and honouring the memories of loved ones are all easier when the bereaved feel informed and supported. Here we offer expert guidance and advice on how to get through it and look to the future.
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Ask Our Experts
Ask Our Experts: Can We Stop Junk Mail and Calls to Deceased Person?, Can I Arrange an...
Burial Procedures
Burial Procedures: Woodland Burials, Burial at Sea, Purchasing a Burial Plot, Organising...
Children: Talking to Children About Terminal Illness, Children and Memorial...
Emotional Issues
Emotional Issues: Talking to Children About Death, Bereavement Support, How Grief...
Financial Issues
Financial Issues: Assistance With Funeral Costs, Dealing With Inheritance Tax,...
Formalities: When a Post-Mortem is Needed, Announcing a Death, Registering a...
Funeral Arrangements
Funeral Arrangements: Funeral Flower Options, Headstones and Monuments,...
Legal Affairs
Legal Affairs: Wrongful Death Suits, Understanding Probate, Executing a Will, Living...
Memorials: Organ Donations, Donating Your Body to Medical Science, Organising a...
Special Circumstances
Special Circumstances: Coping with Death Through Accidents, Coping with...
Types of Funeral
Types of Funeral: Buddhist Funeral Rites, Non Religious Alternatives to Funerals, DIY...
Latest Comments
  • Looby
    Re: Inheriting Property
    Me and my children have been left my mums house in her will but she had a lone with no protection on it will I have to sell the house its £2000.
    27 March 2015
  • julie
    Re: Questionnaire: Do You Need Bereavement Counselling?
    I lost my mam to cervical cancer 9 years ago which at the time was a very emotional time 9 years…
    26 March 2015
    Re: The Rights to Obtain a Headstone?
    Hello, I was wondering if anyone knows of a charity who can help towards the cost of a gravestone for my great nephew. Since…
    25 March 2015
  • FacingBereavement
    Re: Purchasing a Burial Plot
    @Roly. Here's the address to contact for more information: Land and Environmental Services, Bereavement Services, Daldowie…
    25 March 2015
  • roly
    Re: Purchasing a Burial Plot
    I would like to buy a plot for bury me and my partner in Glasgow
    23 March 2015
  • FacingBereavement
    Re: The Rights to Obtain a Headstone?
    @maggie. It sounds like you're in the USA and this is a UK based sites so we can only give advice on UK laws unfortunately.
    19 March 2015
  • hail
    Re: How Grief Affects Your Relationships
    I had been best friends with my partner for 4 years then when her mum passed away we got together, we have been together…
    19 March 2015
  • Maggie
    Re: The Rights to Obtain a Headstone?
    I recently located my grandmother's grave. She's buried in another state, in an outlaw cemetery that isn't kept up. She died…
    17 March 2015
  • FacingBereavement
    Re: Donating Your Body to Medical Science
    @Speedy. Here is the address you should write to: Health Quality and Safety Branch G.ER, St Andrew’s House, Edinburgh,…
    16 March 2015
  • FacingBereavement
    Re: Bereavement Payment
    @dave. The National Insurance contributions are to help the bereaved rather than the deceased so it's the bereaved persons situation that is…
    16 March 2015
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