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The Bereavement Register

By: Beth Morrisey MLIS - Updated: 9 Nov 2014 | comments*Discuss
Bereavement bereaved direct Mailing

The Bereavement Register (www.the-breavement-register.org.uk) was originally launched in the United Kingdom in 2000 as a centralised means of registering a death so that direct mail will no longer be sent in his or her name. The Register has become so successful that it has since been begun in Canada and France as well. With more than 75% of direct mail companies checking the Bereavement Register the amount of direct mail delivered to a deceased individual should be greatly reduced.

Registering the Deceased

Both family members and representatives, such as funeral directors or executors/administrators of the estate, may register the deceased’s details on The Bereavement Register. Details required for registration include full name, dates of birth and death, full address including post code, telephone number and death certificate number. Details of the person registering this information will also be needed, such as name, post code, year of birth and relationship to the deceased. Registering an email address will result in a confirmation email being sent when the deceased’s information has been added to the Register. Registration is free of charge.

TBR Call Guardian

Call Guardian is a related service provided by The Bereavement Register which allows the registration of the deceased’s telephone numbers so that telemarketing calls may be screened and stopped. This service is provided for six months beginning on the date on which the telephone number is registered. Personal calls will not be screened by Call Guardian, however telesales calls will be blocked at the telephone exchange and thus will not get through and possibly upset anyone at the deceased’s telephone number.

Contacting the Bereavement Register

Contacting The Bereavement Register has never been easier. The Bereavement Register can be found online or it may be emailed at help@thebereavementregister.org.uk. Mail may be sent to The Bereavement Register at The Bereavement Register, FREEPOST SEA8240, Sevenoaks, Kent, TN13 1YR. The Bereavement Register may be reached by phone at 01732 460000 or 0870 600 7222. Individuals hoping to registered a deceased individual may contact The Bereavement Register for more information and registration requirements, while individuals or organisations supporting the bereaved may contact The Register for further information and to request literature/leaflets to distribute to others.

History of the Bereavement Register

The REaD Group (UK) Ltd. began The Bereavement Register in 2000 as a means to stop unnecessary direct mailings to deceased individuals as these mails could greatly upset the bereaved family and friends who must cope with them. At the time it was estimated that 80 pieces of direct mail would be sent to deceased individuals in the year following their deaths. Instead, The Bereavement Register helped to remove the deceased’s names from databases and mailing files. Today, more than 75% of companies involved in direct mailings cross-reference with The Bereavement Register to avoid sending mail to deceased individuals. The Bereavement Register’s Call Guardian service now acts in a related manner to screen telesales calls to deceased individual’s telephone numbers. Between the two services, the families of nearly 600,000 deceased individual’s are spared further grief and interruption following the death of a loved one.

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@Gwen. Hi we don't supply the leaflets, you will need to contact the Bereavement Register directly here.
FacingBereavement - 11-Nov-14 @ 9:33 AM
Please could you contact me re supplying of bereavement register leaflets I am a funeral director in Huddersfield. 01484 535853. Thank you.
Gwen - 9-Nov-14 @ 10:32 AM
I simply wished to stop junk mail being posted to my mother after my father's death. I could find no way on your website to register this fact, so, for me, it was completely useless.
Chris - 6-Sep-12 @ 10:17 AM
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